Listed below are a few samples of short video-blocks, such as "logos", "intros", "agendas", "chapters", "outros", etc. We included this eclectic sampling just to give you an idea of what can be done quickly within hours, not days, such as videos where our logo is replaced with yours, any text you see in the video, all colors, sizes, transparencies can be made to your specs.

All in all, there are several hundred (and growing) of such pre-set video templates designed specifically to reduce the development time, save labour and greatly reduce your costs. This revolutionary approach lets any small business or a solo practitioner advertise on the Internet as effectively or even better than the world's largest multinational corporations, and at a negligible, miniscule cost.

This page is just a small sampling of such building blocks. Chances are we have just what you need, already developed and ready for customization. Do not hesitate to discuss with us any video project you have in mind. And unless you are a pro in video production and digital marketing — save yourself the frustration of being a "do-it-yourselfer", not to mention the enormous amounts of time you are likely to spend unproductively. Think of all the fun videos you can use to promote your business! We can create and/or animate images, create presentations with animated avatars, animated personalities of your choice (including celebrities or historic figures), and much more. If you wish to reference any of the samples below in your communication to us, they are numbered for your convenience.

Using such pre-designed blocks works as follows: You send us your logo in a PNG format, optionally tell us about your preferred color scheme, voice-over and such; it would take us about an hour or two to render and deliver back to you a custom video, based on your custom specifications. We bill $30 / hr. (Your logo should be Minimum 2048 pixels and its file size should not exceed 2MB, but we can tweek it if it falls short of these requirements). If you need a logo designed for you, custom images and custom animations, and/or full video presentations, it may become time-consuming. Unless you are an experienced marketing professional, rather than paying us to produce marketing videos of your own design (which we will do, for a fee), we would prefer to work with you on your whole marketing campaign, from its conception to its implementation, including text, music and sound-effects, images, speech, animations, etc. effectively serving as your marketing department, or augmenting the one your company already has.

A Few Samples:
#1. Search. Supply your texts and logo.
#2. Swimmer. Supply your texts and logo.
#3. Artists. Supply your texts and logo.
#4. Painter. Supply your texts and logo.
#5. Hologram. Supply your logo
#6. Drone delivery. Supply your texts and logo.
#7. Science. Supply your texts and logo
#8.Tranquility Parlor. Supply your texts and logo
#9. Auto Center. Specify your texts, 3-D model, background image/video, sound track, etc.
#10. Presentation. Specify your image or logo.
#11. Bouncy Logo. Provide your logo, specify background colors.
#12. Spiral Intro. Provide your image or logo, or ask us to design one for you.
#13. Water (or Paint) Splash. Supply your image (logo) and specify paint color(s).
#14. Neon Lights. Specify your texts & colors (Title and Subtitle).
#15. Droid. Specify your texts (Title and Subtitle, Plus the lettering/logo on the Droid).
#16.Super Girl's Eyes project your logo. Supply your image (logo) or ask us to develop it.
#17. Rotating Logo with a 3-D Model of F-14 Fighter Jet. Specify your texts, its material (silver, gold, copper, semi-transparent glass, etc.) Supply an optional 3-D model, or ask us.
#18. Rotating logos of different textures with a flip rotation of a 3-D model of a BMW sedan. Specify textst, their material, optional 3-D model, backround image, colors, etc.
#19. Burst of Energy Logo Transition. Supply your logo.
#20. The "Wow Effect". Describe your dream video to us and we will make it happen.