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Some of the typical services we provide are listed in the leftmost column. (Some of the more esoteric services are listed in the rightmost column). Our main lines of business services are focused on the following broad, but interrelated areas:

  1. IT/Network Security: Analysis of the client’s environment and infrastructure. Recommendation and Next Generation Firewall installation and configuration, Intrusion Prevention Systems.
  2. E-mail encryption, Protected mobile communications. Inexpensive home security, which notifies you of intrusion and lets you see security cameras views in real time. Cloud security and data encryption in backups and online storage. The best-of-breed antivirus systems. Parental controls on computers and mobile phones.

  3. Cyber-Forensics: Intellectual Property Theft; Business Fraud; Divorce/Family Law; Infidelity; Parental Controls; Employment Disputes; Sexual, Racial Harassment and Discrimination; Defeating Hacking; Spyware; Remote Access; Key Logging; Activity Recording; Remote Monitoring; Audio, Image Forensics and Authenticity; Cyber-Stalking; Cyber-Bullying; Social Media; Protection against Eavesdropping; Many Types of Cases and Devices

  4. Networks: Wired and wireless Infrastructure design and implementation. Intranets, Extranets, WANs, LAN’s. Shared storage, printers and other devices. Private and public clowds. Switches and routers. Network upgrades and relocation.

  5. Digital marketing: e-mail marketing, marketing on sociaDigital Marketing l media, such as facebook, youtube, twitter. Creating and editing marketing Videos with cool animations, incorporating video footage, product photos, actors, animated avatars, animated personalities, animated celebrity photos, etc. Animated Video Training and Presentations. Engaging Power Point Presentations. Graphics development for animations. SEO. Branding. Logos.
  6. Storage, Backup, Cloud, Archival solutions | PcLabs.net
  7. Storage & Backup Solutions: Shared Network Storage, Cloud Storage, Backup Solutions.HDD and Solid-State Disks. Self-encrypting storage. Diagnostics, and failure prevention. Upgrades.

  8. Website building: Creating websites for Website Design and Building plus SEO individuals and businesses, e-commerce and shopping cart pages. Contemporary Responsive design, comprehensive SEO. Graphics development for the Web. Website re-design, improvement, relocation, update and maintenance.

  9. Technical Documentation and e-Publishing: Document Editing and Formatting. Diagrams and charts, math equations and formulae. Publishing in various mobile phone and tablet formats.

  10. Pc repairs and upgrades: “Dead” system recovery. Disk and data recovery. Virus removal. Diagnostics and failure prevention. Benchmarking and upgrades to meet computational needs.

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Links to our Specialised Services:

Cyber Security
Cyber Forensics
Digital Marketing
Storage, Backup and Cloud Solutions
Webdesign and SEO

For fast global remote/on-site IT Sevices call / text 845.652.3425; Submit our CONTACT form

Most services are provided globally

Emergencies: Fast Onsite Computer Repair Service; Spyware & Virus Removal;
Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Benchamrking, Upgrades;
"Dead" System & "Lost" Data Revival; Backup &Recovery;
General IT Services:Office Automation; Networking; Marketing with E-mail, Video and Social Media;
Websites and SEO
Presentations, documentation, briefs; Remastering of photo, video and audio;
Math/Finance modeling;
Computer/Network Security, Firewalls, Computer Forensics & Much More;

other technical services...

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